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I was also curious about the same thing in chapter 4’s Detect Dupe trigger where you used the custom fields “Potential_Contact_Dupe__c” and “Potential_Lead_Dupe__c”.

Thought it best to check with you instead of assuming anything.

Fears fueled by the Russian Revolution touched off a witch hunt for potential threats to national security.

Using maps as he did makes sure the trigger is efficient and only does actions (checks the box) when it truly needs to. I want to calculate the sum of total amount on all the Opportunities belong to a similar campaign but I am getting too Many Queries Error as there exist more than 50,000 Opportunities on a campaign. Now when changing from Complete to Build no logic should execute and similarly for Build to Complete.

For each opp, it will check if stage name is currently true, and if it is, it ticks the box.

Half your Opportunties you really did change it to Closed Won, so it Trigger is correct for them.

I am completely new to Salesforce and Apex (as in I have never used the platform professionally) so I am not very familiar with the different s Objects and what fields they contain. Reply Hey Felix, Definitely the former, ie, the custom field “I am Awesome” has already been created!

Creating a new field using Apex is quite difficult, never done it actually! The reason I didn’t do it in this example is because I try reallllly hard in Sfdc99 to keep every statement in one line of code for readability reasons. David Reply I agree with you David — KISS – is always the best approach.

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