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The oldest Appaloosa organisation in the UK is the British Appaloosa Society (BAp S), established in 1976.

It has adopted the name Appaloosa (rather than spotted horse, for example) even though spotted horses in the UK preceded those in the US.

Other breeds in which spotted horses occur include the Welsh ponies and cobs, however negative selection may have reduced the occurrence of spotting in these and other European breeds, such as the (Portuguese) Lusitano.

It is also true that many fine spotted horses and ponies have been taken from the UK too.Although there is much debate about the history of domestic horses, research indicates that horses were first domesticated by the Botai Culture of Kazakhstan around 6000-5500 BC and suggests that domestic horses may have been kept for food and milk as analysis of organic residues found in broken pots found traces of horse milk.Domestic horses bred with local wild horses and spread throughout Europe and Asia and throughout their history, horses have been interbred, traded between populations of people, and moved across continents.A parchment roll from 1298 lists the horses Edward I purchased for his campaign at Falkirk.One of the most expensive of these was a spotted Welsh cob from Powys, Wales, bought from a Robin Fitzpayne.

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