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Questions about favorite books and movies you’ve already searched several times and you are afraid that could originate hush.

So here is a small manual, find out what it’s all that you can ask, and so it is better to know at the very beginning of your friendship.

In case you do become a couple, make sure to check out these love quotes. I hate eating alone; can I join you and your friends for lunch? I have tickets for your favorite band; would you like to go with me? Which genre of movie do you like to watch the most?

If she cares about you, she will keep you company, and you will return her in just the same hated going shopping together, or you finish watching a romantic movie of her taste.

Relationships are based on compromises, and if you want to take a while, make an effort.

Of course, ask these questions and be moderate to your girlfriend, do not make her feel like she is under police investigation.

Girls just love to talk about themselves, and besides to be well presented, this question will be an excellent opportunity for them to brag themselves too.

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