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But a little chill shouldn’t stop you from having sexy fun during the cooler months! Vast and diverse, far away from the East Coast crowds, Australia’s largest state holds the key to a glorious adventure.Swingers You MUST Follow On Twitter We’re addicted to Twitter – short and sweet posts that are often full of sexy (and naughty! It probably has something to do with the fact that celebrities are so often cagey about all things sex because they want to maintain a ‘family-friendly’ persona. Aussie Swingers Sex Stories – Public Sex We’re well aware that the folks over at Red Hot Pie Australia are super sexy but we had no idea just how kinky they are!If you’ve never ventured into the Sex Stories section of the site then do yourself a favour and check it out. It’s more rare for a movie or TV show NOT to have a raunchy sex scene these days, they’ve kinda lost their naughty appeal.It’s here that the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean, and the miles of coastline are so beautifully quiet that even the kangaroos can’t resist chilling out on the beach. Summer, from December to February, is warm, sunny and dry, whilst winter, June to August, can be wet but mild. The far north experiences monsoon rains from November to April.Spring and autumn are fresh, which makes it a perfect time to travel to this part of Australia. Laid-back and blissfully free from hustle and bustle, yet home to a great array of restaurants, bars and shops, WA's capital city enjoys the best of both worlds.Popular with travellers and locals, the island is virtually car free.And there are many scenic delights to discover, not least the 63 beaches and the rare quokka – an adorable marsupial that looks like a pint-sized kangaroo.

Lying 11 miles offshore from Perth, Rottnest Island – affectionately known as ‘Rotto’ – is Western Australia’s island getaway.

Originally founded as a pearling centre, Broome is an isolated oasis with a relaxed cosmopolitan atmosphere, colourful characters and wide sandy beaches.

Admire stunning sunsets on Cable Beach and see the ‘staircase to the moon’ phenomenon, which occurs during a full moon from March to October in the waters around Roebuck Bay.

Explore Chinatown with its restaurants, pearl shops, local art galleries and Sun Pictures – an open-air cinema dating back to 1916.

Just a short transfer from tiny Sharks Bay airport and you reach the amazing Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, where you are likely to be met by one of the many wild emu that roam the resort.

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