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The Brazilian Catholic Church has 10.218 parishes, 298 bishops and 18.685 priests.The same study has estimated that per each priest there are four ministers and that Catholics give only 0,54% of the family earnings to the church, while Protestants give from 1,48% to 2,26% of the family earnings.They were also prohibited of wearing makeup and painting their nails.Such strict conduct has been one of the main causes for the rise of so many different protestant churches in Brazil.As for the family income, the minorities are on the top, as we can see below: Still according to the same study, Scientology only have 200 followers in Brazil, while the Islam would have 27.239 Brazilian followers and Santo Daime, a religion from the Amazonian area, would have 200 thousand followers.Even though most Catholic people (94% to be more specific) claim they have always been Catholic, the Catholic Church is the one that has lost the greatest number of followers over the years, with many of them migrating to protestant churches.Most conservative protestant churches would impose several prohibitions to its followers, especially women.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been strongly criticized by members of the medical community who see their refusal to blood transfusion as a risk to their own lives.

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The Catholic Church in Brazil is divided into three major groups: The one with the greatest number of followers is the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, with a total number of 123.280.172 followers, according to the 2010 Census.

The Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church is the second major Catholic Church in Brazil, with 560.781, followed by the Orthodox Catholic Church, with 131.571.

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The Watchtower, series of books distributed to disseminate their preaching, has been accused of racism, with black people being explicitly considered to be inferior, a belief that has only started to change in the 50’s, when Jehovah’s Witnesses started to see them as "capable of being taught".

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