Android 4 2 2 widgets not updating

Suddenly my morning alarm doesn't go off anymore and I was late for work for 3 days running. Now I'm going to have to explain to my boss why I missed work today. Since the last update, the clock app has been dismissing the alarms as soon as they start to go off.

I have noticed if a set an alarm a minute from now it works. I won't bore you with too many of them (there are at least 20 more) as they're all saying basically the same thing: since updating to Oreo my alarm isn't working.

The same goes for always keeping your Wi Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS on.

Toggle them off when you aren’t using them to preserve resources.

Use a toggle widget Ask any Android enthusiast about why they love the operating system and they’re likely to reply “Widgets!

” These homescreen mini-apps can display all sorts of information.

Android’s operating system has its own native handler for assigning RAM to apps and making sure that all of it is being used in the most optimal way.

There's nothing much you can do about it for the time being, except wait for Google to acknowledge the issue and work on a fix.

They also allow users quick access to core system...

is like installing a different distribution of Linux: some ROMs are faster and less battery intensive, which is great for weaker devices.

At this point, it might seem like RAM boosters and task killers are neutral. This is good in the context of Windows, but applying it to Android results in negative gain.

They might not necessarily help with Android performance, but they aren’t bad to have around, right? For one, Android uses an SD card for file storage rather than a traditional hard drive.

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You should avoid killing apps just to free up RAM, but always be on the lookout for apps that use an unusual amount of CPU. Many times, poor performance can be attributed to a particular app rather than the Android device itself.

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